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For a while now I have been keen to play around with ABAP Web Services.  As I have an understanding of ADOBEs Flex, albeit a small one, I thought why not use that.

Therefore in this Blog I will to discuss consuming ABAP Web Services, in Flex.

I have built an application in Flex for retrieving flight info from SFLIGHT which then allows the user to book one of the flights. It's a very basic application but was fun nonetheless.

For ease of reading I have broken this blog down into 3 sections. These being.

  1. SAP
  2. FLEX
  3. Execution

Also, as per the norm, my demos will be based around SAPs flight model.



Before a Web Service is created we create a function module from which we create the Web Service.

Although I am not going to go over the creation of the FM here there are a couple of things I will point that that must be done before we can proceed.

The Processing type in the FM has to be set to Remote-Enabled Module