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Implementing this conversion function, ZNUMB, converts between internal and external number formats, based on the user's default settings. If the input number supplied is not numeric, then it throws a  cx_sy_conversion_no_number exception. For the external to internal conversion, a regular expression - regex - is used to check the validity of the number.

First, the INPUT function module.

FUNCTION conversion_exit_znumb_input.
*"*"Local Interface:
  STATICS: ss_usr01 TYPE usr01.
  DATA: lp_data     TYPE REF TO data,
        l_thousands TYPE c LENGTH 1,
        l_decimal   TYPE c LENGTH 1,
        l_translate TYPE c LENGTH 2.
  DATA: lt_results TYPE match_result_tab,
        ls_result  TYPE match_result,
        l_match    TYPE string VALUE `^\s*-?\s*(?:\d{1,3}(?:(T?)\d{3})?(?:\1\d{3})*(D\d*)?|D\d+)\s*$`.
  DATA: l_int TYPE string,
        l_dec TYPE string.
  CREATE DATA lp_data LIKE input.
  ASSIGN lp_data->* TO <l_input>.
  <l_input> = input.
* Get separator from user record
  IF ss_usr01 IS INITIAL.
    SELECT SINGLE * FROM usr01 INTO ss_usr01 WHERE bname EQ sy-uname.
  CASE ss_usr01-dcpfm.
    WHEN space.  " 1.234.567,89
      l_thousands = '.'.
      l_decimal   = ','.
    WHEN 'X'.    " 1,234,567.89
      l_thousands = ','.
      l_decimal   = '.'.
    WHEN 'Y'.    " 1 234 567,89
      l_thousands = space.
      l_decimal   = ','.
* Modify regex to handle the user's selected notation
  REPLACE ALL OCCURRENCES OF 'T' IN l_match WITH l_thousands.
  IF l_decimal EQ '.'.
    REPLACE ALL OCCURRENCES OF 'D' IN l_match WITH l_decimal.
* Check the number is valid
  FIND REGEX l_match IN <l_input>.
  IF sy-subrc IS NOT INITIAL.
    RAISE EXCEPTION TYPE cx_sy_conversion_no_number.
* Translate thousand separator into "space"
  CONCATENATE l_thousands space INTO l_translate.
  TRANSLATE <l_input> USING l_translate.
* Translate decimal into .
  CONCATENATE l_decimal '.' INTO l_translate.
  TRANSLATE <l_input> USING l_translate.
* Remove spaces
  CONDENSE <l_input> NO-GAPS.
  output = <l_input>.

The OUTPUT function module is trivial in comparison

FUNCTION conversion_exit_znumb_output.
*"*"Local Interface:
  WRITE: input TO output.
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