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Applies to:

SAP ECC 6.0 


This document helps you in creating for the drilldown reports in FGI0 transaction, with a default variant.


Sylendra Prasad 

Company:     Wipro Technologies
Created on:    March 7th, 2012
Author(s) Bio

Sylendra Prasad is Sr. ABAP Consultant and has been working in Wipro Technologies for the past 6.5 years..

Business Requirement

The requirement is to create, each of which should run one report in FGI0 and the screen fields should be filled with a default variant values.


This can be done using parameter transaction, in which we can call the transaction START_REPORT. But the parameters we pass to this transaction has to be identified, which is not a direct way. The transaction START_REPORT has the following screen values.

The first four parameters - Report Type, Report, Ext. name and variant can be used to address this.
Suppose that we want to create a t.code for the report 0SAPBSPL-01 and load it with variant TEST when the t.code is called.

Here is the TEST variant.

 We should proceed in the following way.
     a. As it is a drilldown report, the Report type can be kept as 'RE'.
     b. The Report name can be kept as blank, as the report name will be automatically generated in individual system.
     b. We need to find the parameter value for To find the value, we need to go to table TKEB1 and give the Report (field REPID) as 0SAPBSPL-01 and get the
         values for fields APPLCLASS (Application Class), SUBCLASS (Subgroup by Application Class), TABNAME (Table Name) and REPID.
              Now, we should concatenate these 4 values. Please make sure that we should include blank spaces also, especially in the column TABNAME,so that the value will look like this.
              FBRG01FAGLFLEXS                     0SAPBSPL-01
              d. The variant can be given as 'TEST'.
   After finding the parameters, you can start creating the parameter transaction in SE93. Ensure that we check the checkbox "Skip Initial Screen", while creating

   Now, when you call ZTEST12, it will call the report 0SAPBSPL-01 in the FGI0 t.code and fill the screen with values stored in the variant TEST.


       This is the easiest way for calling Drilldown reports and this method can be used for creating for any Drilldown reports. We should find out the right parameters

       for those reports.

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