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Here we need to create a dynamic variant for the given selection screen.


Step 1. First maintain a variable with values in table TVARV. This can be done from transaction STVARV. Later this variable needs to be assigned to the variant.

Step 2. Next create the dynamic variant by pressing the SAVE button on the selection screen.

In the next screen (ABAP: Save as Variant) enter Variant name, description, set the 'Selection variable'(L) radio button and  press 'Selection variable' push button.


In the next screen check that green traffic light is on under column T (T: Table variable from TVARV). Then click on  button.

Now from the popup select the variable name created in Step1and save the variant.



Step 3. Select the variant from Variant catalog.  
It will populate 'Airline' select-option with the values maintained in TVARV table against variable ZAIRLINE_CODE.

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  1. Unknown User (nqvxsmx)

    Very useful one!

  2. Unknown User (nqvxsmx)

    Very useful one!