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You wish to create or convert an OTF spool or a List spool into a PDF file. The PDF is very large (over 100 pages) and if you use report RSTXPDFT4 then this is not efficient for system performance


  • You have a spool in SP01 that you need to convert into a PDF file and save to your PC/Server
  • The spool is over 100 pages, and when you execute report RSTXPDFT4 you get the pop-up message: "PDF Conversion in Background?".
  • Converting very large spools into PDF using RSTXPDFT4 is not efficient for system performance, and so the report RSTXPDFT5 can be used to convert these large spools in the background


  • You have a large spool in SP01 to convert into a PDF file
  • You can use program RSTXPDFT4 to convert any spool into a PDF
  • If the spool is 100 pages or more, you are prompted to perform the conversion in the background
  • In SM37 you can see your job, and this will create another spool which is in raw format
  • Your new spool that has been created by the background job is now ready to be downloaded as a PDF file by using the program RSTXPDFT5
  • Save your file as .pdf
  • Your PDF file is saved, and in this example contains all 191 pages from the original spool
  • If your only requirement is to create and save a PDF file without any spool, then note that you can create the PDF file directly, by using a print-to-file printer with access method G or L and a PDF device type like PDF1. This option is described in the following notes: 6753 - Printing in file (to magnetic tape) or elsewhere
    161516- Printing into a file or anywhere else in NT
    576973 - Creating a file printer on a Windows PC
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  1. Nice documents. Thanks for sharing..

  2. HI,

    RSTXPDFT5 does not support more than 199 Pages.  Anyone Succeded in creating more than 199 Pages ?




  3. Former Member


    I was trying to convert a spool which has pages more than 3000 using this process. I don't think this will work for large number of pages.

    I was receiving RAISE_EXCEPTION run time error.


    Termination occurred in the ABAP program "SAPLOLEA" - in
    The main program was "RSTXPDFT5 ".

    In the source code you have the termination point in line 352
    of the (Include) program "LOLEAU10".  "

    It will be great if someone can provide a solution for this.