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What does the flag Current Settings mean?

By default the production system is not modifiable and is not open for customizing.
Because of this you cannot do any modifications on the production system directly.
For that purpose you must use the SAP transport tool.
That means, all customizing will be done in the development system and transported to quality system and then to production system.

Often in business scenarios, there will be requirements which cannot be transported and which have to be modified directly in respective tables and other repository objects in the production system

For this purpose there is a flag in SOBJ transaction called Current Settings If this flag is checked, it bypassed the client settings and allows you to maintain data directly in the production system

Please note that the  Current Settings  does only work within clients with role Production.
Within clients with another role as Production  the flag  Current Settings has no effect.

To know more about the current setting flag refer these notes:
77430     Customizing: Current settings
356483   Customizing: Current settings in test system

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