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This is an overview of the background, requirements and steps for creating customized SAPscript page formats. 


The page format in SAPscript and Smart Forms relates to the size of the paper where the output is printed to.  Sometimes it is necessary to create a custom size page format when you print to a non-standard page size.

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Standard Page Formats

There are several standard page formats in SAP relating to the standard page sizes used globally. e..g. Page Format DINA4 is for paper size A4 which is commonly used in Europe as a standard page size. Page Format LETTER is for paper size LETTER which is commonly used in the US as a standard page size. other standard page formats include DINA3, DINA5, LEGAL, EXECUTIV, INCH2, INCH4, INCH11, INCH12.

Custom Page Formats

Sometimes it is necessary to create a custom page format for a non standard paper size. This can be done via transaction SPAD via the steps:

  1. Create the Page Format via SPAD → Full administration → Device types → Page Formats → Create. Fill in the width, height, orientation etc.
  2. Create the Format type using the Page Format created in the previous step. SPAD → Full administration → Device types → Format types → Create
  3. Assign the created format to the required device type. SPAD → Full Administration → Device Types →  <Device Type> →  Formats →  Create. Here add the previously created Format Type.
  4. Add any commands needed in the Printer Initialization, End of Page actions etc. e.g. it may be necessary to add a command to tell the printer the page length. This is dependent on the printer, printer language etc.

Custom Page Formats for Windows Device types

When you create custom page format with a windows device type like SAPWIN, no command is sent to the printer. The default page format of the printer as defined at windows  level is used. Create the custom page format at windows level also and assign it as the default paper size for this printer at windows level. So you need to create the Zxxx page format at windows level and assign it as the default for your printer. This process is described in SAP Note 163136. 

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