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What is Customizing Cross System Viewer?

Sometimes you need to compare the customizing settings between two systems or between 2 clients in the same system when some transaction(s) is/are behaving differently between the 2 systems/clients and suspecting that some customizing is missing from one of them.
There are a number of reasons that
- Table entries is missing in customer client after install or activate a new SAP product, add-on, or a new component       
- You are creating a new SAP system for your project and need to compare customizing settings with the old system       
- You are missing customizing settings after upgrade        
- And etc.
SAP has provided a very useful tool called Customizing Cross System Viewer which is used to compare and adjust the contents of a table or view in two different clients/systems or between 2 clients in the same system, using RFC connections.
As pointed out in the note 91096, you can use transaction SCU0 to adjust the differences between the object of your interest. You can compare and reconcile IMG activities, application components, piece lists, views, tables etc. using the transaction.

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