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Declare data in the custom program based on data type (TY_MARA in this case) declared in the global class (Z_TEST).
In this case data type(TY_MARA) is declared as public. So we have created an object of global class and then use the object to refer the data type in our data declaration.




This solution only works if data type is declared in the global class as public.

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  1. The content has helped me, thank you very much.

  2. Former Member

    Is there any way to access the global types inside our exit?.

    Eg : In Program MV45AZZ, global types has been declared as GY_XXX.

    I need to reuse this global types inside my exit. 

    data : lt_table type table of ( 'SAPMV45A'(gy_xxx) ).

    is there any way to reuse the types from top include?

  3. Yes we can use like below. Constant should be public.