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Declare data in the custom program based on data type (TY_MARA in this case) declared in the global class (Z_TEST).
In this case data type(TY_MARA) is declared as public. So we have created an object of global class and then use the object to refer the data type in our data declaration.


report  z_test_demo1.

data oref type ref to z_test.

create object oref.

data: i_mara type standard table of oref->ty_mara initial size 0

with header line.

select * from mara into table i_mara

up to 10 rows.

check sy-subrc  = 0.

loop at i_mara.

 write:/ i_mara-matnr.




This solution only works if data type is declared in the global class as public.

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  1. The content has helped me, thank you very much.

  2. Former Member

    Is there any way to access the global types inside our exit?.

    Eg : In Program MV45AZZ, global types has been declared as GY_XXX.

    I need to reuse this global types inside my exit. 

    data : lt_table type table of ( 'SAPMV45A'(gy_xxx) ).

    is there any way to reuse the types from top include?

  3. Yes we can use like below. Constant should be public.