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The Background job is scheduled by the program RSWWDHEX (Report for Triggering Deadline Handling) and the Transaction is SWWA (*Maintains work item Deadline Monitoring). Open the transaction *SWWA it will be similar to the below screen.


Here in my case Interval until next deadline check is set for 3 minutes. You can set it as per your requirement.

Deadline monitoring step is the Requested Start  

In User Decision click on 'Requested Start' Tab.


Choose the "Work Item Creation" from the list box.


 Choose an offset of 2 minutes. This means that the work item shall be created after 2 minutes. Otherwise this would trigger. Save and activate the workflow definition. 

 Check the workflow in Workflow Log and Monitor that the User Decision is in waiting stage up to the time set in Requested Start.


Monitor the Workflow after 2 Min the task is in READY Status along with Data & Time

 Testing the workflow application: 

  • Execute your workflow.
  • Check for the work item in the SAP Inbox TCODE SBWP.
  • The Work Item shall occur after 2 min in the inbox.
  • If not then the Deadline Message is triggered.  

  •  You will see that the workitem is generated after 2 min in Inbox.
  • If the workitem is not executed within the time Specified than the Deadline Message is triggered.