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Many a times we come across the question that how to delete BDC sessions. The deletion reports and the notes associated do not really provide more information on the specifics of the deletion. In this blog we will cover some aspects of deleting Batch Input sessions.

With standard SAP program RSBDC_REORG or RSBDCREO you can only delete batch input sessions which are in status "processed" (independent from KEEP) and/or batch-input logs without batch-input session.

Please find for your review the following attached SAP Notes:

   16083 - Standard jobs, reorganization jobs
   18307 - Batch input logs and reorganization
   147354 - Batch input: Reorg. and delete sessions and logs

RSBDCREO *only* deletes sessions which are in status "processed". The reason for this is that this report is written for an automatic cleanup and therefore should never remove sessions that are not completely processed. The report also only deletes the logs for sessions which are already deleted (or scheduled for deletion in the same run).

This means that when you check both options on the initial screen of RSBDCREO, the following sessions and logs will be deleted:

   1. Processed sessions and their logs
   2. Logs for which no sessions exist anymore


For those sessions which have status OTHER than "processed" program RSBDCTL6 can be used. As of Basis Release 6.40 this is a standard SAP report.

For Release 6.20 the report does not exist as a standard report. In this case you may download it from below link and create it in the system as a customer report e.g. with name ZSBDCTL6.



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