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  • Call transaction does the Data consistency check with the help of screen logic. The Call Transaction processes the data more quicker than with batch input sessions.
  • 'CALL TRANSACTION USING ' does not automatically support interactive correction or logging functions. Sessions Method support stopping ,going back and correcting sessions that contain errors, and provides  log details.
  • With 'CALL TRANSACTION  USING 'you can go for update the database both   Synchronously and Asynchronously but Sessions method does Synchronous Database updates.  
  • The system executes a database commit immediately before and after the 'CALL TRANSACTION USING' statement whereas for the sessions method it goes for Asynchronous processing. During processing, no transaction is started until the previous transaction has been written to the database.    
  • Sessions Cannot be generated in Parallel. The batch input program must not open a session until the preceding session is closed.
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