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The Following are the differences between Smart Forms and SAPscript forms

Things you can't do with one technology but can with the other


SAPscript form

Smart Form


simulated by the use of tabulations, so they can't contain dynamic long texts, no borders

True tables, with borders

Main window

can have several ones, useful for printing several identical labels per page

can have only one



Smart Forms generates XML output which can be viewed through the web

Page format

One only

Several page formats are possible




Make copies look different

Use of "Copies" windows


Printer-dependent, only works with printers that are able to generate barcodes by themselves (natively or addition of SIMM); few printers supported by SAP

New barcode technology: SAP converts barcode data into an image, so it works for all device types which are able to print graphics

Faster development

SAPscript form

Smart Form

client dependent

client independent

It is possible to create a Smart Form without a main window

Data extraction/calculation and form output are mixed together

Separation of concerns: Data extraction must be done once at the beginning, they are passed to the smart form once at the end

Enhanced Form Builder

On activation a function module is generated for Smart Forms

conditions like if..endif, case..endcase inside a window

exists as conditions on windows

Things that are the same but need to be rewritten


SAPscript form

Smart Form

Page break protection


"protect" checkbox in every node, everything in it will be page protected

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