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Download file via List-> export->local file-> spreadsheet, save it as xls file, open it by direct double click, some lines displayed strange. you can refer to attachment, line 16042.


The XLS format is a binary format that Microsoft has never revealed. So, the GUI_DOWNLOAD can only transfer data in ASCII format or genuine binary format, but not Excel format. In this case, if you download data in i.e: ASC file format, but label the file test.XLS. If you try to open this file with Excel (double click on file in explorer), Excel "thinks" that an true Excel file is coming up instead of a text file which is labeled as XLS and the wrong interpretation of the Excel application may leads to problems. The XLS extension is only for Excel files, which are generated by Excel.


  1. Open the xls file not to directly double click but via menu file-> open on the Excel
  2. Or download it via List-> export-> spreadsheet


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