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"ABAP short dump is inconsistent (format error)"

Data in table SNAP, which is display by transaction ST22 is corrupt


In rare cases, errors may occur when you execute the RSCORE00 program. The system calls this program automatically to write information into the SNAP database table. In this case, the DIR_HOME/coreinfo file is read. Problems may result in the RSCORE00 program if this file is inconsistent or destroyed. 0x00 in this file is especially problematic. Since this file is written directly to the database, this then results in the CX_SY_OPEN_SQL_DB exception with the "Cannot insert a null" database message. This error message can also appear when you write a short dump from the kernel.

Unfortunately the corrupted short dumps "ABAP short dump is inconsistent (format error)" can not be repaired and therefore can not be evaluated.

Related notes

Carefully read this two notes 796378,756066 and implement the correction.It is also possible that the problem is related to a corrupt entry in file core info. Kindly review the note 722444 for this.