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This is the home page for enhancements and modifications

Depending on your release, you can use the following basis technologies:

Some basis tools may be enhanced:

  • Maintenance Dialogs (SM30)
  • SAP Query

There are also non-basis technologies, which depend on the installed software components:

The following page lists some useful methods that can help while searching for the exit routines


  1. Unknown User (kp9xo5t)

    Same BADI can be implemented with different Implementation name achieving n number of enhancements for the same business functionality.

    Use SE18 for definition SE19 for implementation.

    Above is the advantage of BADI over the User Exit s(smile)

  2. The link pointing to the new BADI technique doesn't work. It should point to:\\

  3. Anonymous

    Could you add topic for 'Business Data Toolset' here?