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Examples of applications/source code delivered by SAP

  • ABAPDOCU transaction = ABAP Documentation and Examples
  • LIBS transaction = Collection of Ideas for Table and List Design
  • BIBS transaction = Style guide
  • DWDM transaction = Demo Examples in ABAP Objects (control framework). The demo programs are also stored in SDW4 package
  • Post Processing Framework : data is created using SPPFDEMO transaction. See Note 489334 - Post Processing Framework: Documentation for Applications which contains a developer guide
  • Flight Data Application - Demo Example for Integration Technologies: an application which demonstrates many technologies like BAPI, BOR, ALV, Smart Forms, etc.
  • SLIS package = ALV demo programs (mainly BCALV_TEST*)
  • ADBC_DEMO program: demo of ABAP DataBase Connectivity (to connect to another database)
  • SE83: SAP Reuse Library
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  1. Anonymous

    SE83 = Reuse Library very useful

  2. Anonymous

    Module Pool Programming Demo

    Se38-->DEMO_DYNPRO* Press F4 .There are lot Demo programmes there.

    Se38-->BCALV_TEST* Press F4 .

    1. thank you very much , it was really useful, I like it. 

      But another Idee, all the demo program could be found in package "SABAPDEMOS".


      Good Luck!

  3. Thx dharam raj. wiki updated with BCALV_TEST* in the SLIS line. DEMO_DYNPRO* are available in ABAPDOCU transaction.

  4. Transaction GRAL: Demo Reports for SAP Graphics

  5. Former Member

    LIBS transaction code does not exist

  6. Former Member

    Thanks a lot for your work . Save me a lot of time . However  LIBS transaction doesn't do exist . Could you please tell us which enhancement package it is in ?


  7. BCS* for programs related to Business Communication Services (sending EMails etc.,)

    SBAL* for programs related to Application logging


  8. Some more useful packages: -

    • SOFFICEINTEGRATION - Office Integration in SAP
    • SDYNAMICDOCUMENTS - Dynamic Documents
    • S_XML_EXAMPLES - XML related programs
    • SBTF - SAP Business Text Format
    • SEDI - Package for ABAP Workbench related Customer Exits
    • SEDD - Package for ABAP Data Dictionary related exits
    • SBPT_GUI - For CL_GUI_CONTAINER_BAR programs
    • SED - All EDI related programs
    • SWDP_DEMO - SAP Webdynpro Demo Programs