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SAP Notes:

SAP Notes (Known as OSS notes earlier) are a way of modifying or enhancing the SAP standard objects such as Reports,Function Modules, and Data Dictionary Objects etc. as per requirement or the problem faced.

Depending on the type of error, an SAP Note may also include:

•    Workarounds.
•    Descriptions of how to correct repository objects in the ABAP workbench, known as    correction instructions.
•    Links to Support Packages that solve the problem.

You can access SAP Notes both from the SAP Service Marketplace nd SAPNet - R/3 Frontend.

SAP Notes, provide us instructions on how to remove known errors from SAP Systems. They include a description of the symptoms, the cause of the error, and the SAP Release and Support Package level in which the error occurs.

I had a scenario in which, I have to use user exit PPCO0018 for process order. When I tried to use this exit, I understood that the user exit was only implemented for production orders. So with the help of sap notes I made it useful for process orders as well.

Considering the above scenario, the steps on how to use SAP notes are detailed below with screenshots.

Step 1:
For finding SAP notes follow the link ,

All the SAP notes released by SAP are maintained in this site.
Step 2:
In the site mentioned, go to -> SAP support Portal, and then-> SAP note search.
Step 3:
In the SAP notes search page, fill in the search criteria.


Step 4:
Find the relevant SAP note that addresses the problem, by checking out the short text and summary of each note.

After finding the relevant SAP note, we need to incorporate the changes told by SAP, these changes would be present in a link present at the bottom of the note.


SAP has provided an easy to use transaction for applying a SAP Note, SNOTE. The transaction code SNOTE is used to implement SAP Notes. With the SNOTE transaction, it is no longer necessary to register ABAP objects such as report function modules etc. manually. But data dictionary objects such as screens, tables need to be modified manually by registering them in OSS system.

In order to use the transaction code SNOTE, the relevant transport which implements this transaction in the system need to be transported. Please refer to the SNOTE guide available at

Follow the link to know more about SAP notes uploading directly into SAP system.
If you want to upload the SAP notes manually you need to go to that correction instruction link and make the changes written in that link manually.

Click the object name.

The changes we need to do, in SAP so that we can use exit PPCO0018 for process order are as shown.

The Context Block shows where the changes need to be done in the given object.
After this Block you can see Deletion Block. The code present in this block should be deleted from the program.

After this Block you can see Insert Block. The code present in this block should be inserted into the program.


 This is one of the process for adding a SAP note.


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