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Purpose: C stack trace


Stack Trace:         MmxIBlockInsert() at 0x1002cb98c        

MmxSclassMalloc() at 0x1002d086c         EgAlloc() at 0x1002fee10 

        EmIAllocMmResourceEG() at 0x1002d4450  

        MmxMalloc2() at 0x1002d0be4         MmxSclassMalloc() at 0x1002d086c   

      MmxSclassRealloc() at 0x1002d02dc         EmIRealloc() at 0x1002d32cc         PfRollOut() at 0x1006eb070


This points to lack of space in global extended memory.

Increase em/global_area_MB to at least 5% (1024) of EM/TOTAL_SIZE_MB (23837). For details refer to SAP Note

   #1514752 - Extended Global Memory configuration

Background information...

On AIX - if ES/TABLE = UNIX_STD the EM is determined by em/initial_size_MB - if ES/TABLE = SHM_SEGS the EM is determined by EM/TOTAL_SIZE_MB

In this system ES/TABLE = SHM_SEGS therefore em/global_area_MB needs to be set to at least 5% of EM/TOTAL_SIZE_MB (and not em/initial_size_MB).

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