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1, If you have an issue with one F4 help

2, If you have issue general with all F4 help

3, If you have an issuse with the type-ahead function


1, If you have an issue with one F4 help

F4 help is assigned to an input field.

To find the application component the starting point is this field.

Set the cursor into the appropriate field and push "F1" button on the keyboard:

Click on "Technical Information" button:

Doubleclick on the "Field Name" and go to the tab "Entry/help check"

The application component depends on the "Origin of the input helps" field:

a, If this is "Explicit search help attachment to field" or "Input help implemented with check table" then doubleclick on the search help name and go to "Attributes'" tab:

The package name is shown

b, Otherwise select BC-DWB-DIC-F4

2, If you have issue general with all F4 help

The component depends on the F4 help mode:

The F4 help has two modes:
Control (amodal) modeDialog (modal) mode
The Control (amodal) F4 help belongs to the component BC-FES-CTLDialog (modal) F4 help belongs to the component BC-DWB-DIC-F4
 The F4 help is classified "modal" if the user must respond to the F4 help before continuing work in another window (generally the primary window).

If the issue is reproducable only with amodal mode, but in modal mode not then BC-FES-CTL
If the issue is not reproducable in amodal mode, then BC-DWB-DIC-F4

The F4 help mode is based on the setting: 
Menu => Help => Settings=>  F4 Help => Display part:


3, If you have an issue with the type-ahead function

In case only a single or a few individual search helps are affected by the issue, it is very likely that there is an application-specific root cause. Please follow the steps above in order to find the correct application component.

In case several search helps or a whole system is affected, it is likely that a framework is the root cause. In this case,  please check if you use the latest GUI Patch according to note 1053737 (SAP GUI for Windows) and note 1229666 (SAP GUI for Java). If this is not the case, please install the latest SAP GUI patch, which is available in the SAP Service Marketplace (see note 535308 for SAP GUI for Windows and note 146505 for SAP GUI for Java) and check the behavior again.

In case the UI still isn't behaving correctly or displaying results in the wrong way (e.g. encoding, indenting), please forward the ticket to the respective SAP GUI component (BC-FES-GUI for Windows, BC-FES-JAV for Java).
In case the data retrieval is broken or wrong values are displayed, please forward the incident to BC-DWB-DIC-F4.


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