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This is the list of all FPRUNX* messages in  SAFPX package.

001 - ADS: &1(&2)

002 - Spool error: &1 (&2)

003 - Call contained error(s): &1 (&2)

004 - Internal error: &1 (&2)

050 - Unable to load form for language vector &1

101 - Job already started

102 - No job started

103 - Form not finished

104 - No form started

105 - You cannot change the layout technology

110 - Unknown output medium &1

111 - Insufficient information for generating output (missing printer, for ex.)

112 - Cancelation by user

113 - Cannot find PDL type for output device &1

114 - Unable to find XML device configuration for output device &1

115 - Unable to find PDL type for device type &1

120 - Invalid address (&1, &2, &3)

150 - Error occurred during initialization of HTML control

151 - Error occurred during release of HTML control

152 - Error occurred in display of PDF (HTML control)

200 - Error occurred in output of structure &1

201 - Error when determining data type of &1(&2)

300 - Output request created

350 - Error when parsing XML document: &1

400 - Cannot set language environment for language &1



Connectivity issues.

Check ADS RFC (ECC side) and ADS Destination (JAVA side).

- SAP Note 915399 - com.adobe.ProcessingError: File not found on: URL

Check ADSUSER and ADS_AGENT passwords and roles.

- SAP Note 915399 - com.adobe.ProcessingError: File not found on: URL

- SAP Note 993612 - Bundling of forms in systems other than double stack systems

Update ADSUSER and ADS_AGENT passwords in RFC, using SM59, and ADS Destination in JAVA, using Visual administrator or NetWeaver Administrator (NWA).

- Useful information: Troubleshooting for Runtime Errors FPRUNX001, 002, and 004

To implement the FM:

- SAP Note 717568 - FPRUNX001, 002 or 004 with output of PDF-based forms 



This is a configuration error. Troubleshoot using SAP Note 944221 - Troubleshooting if problems occur in forms processing.



This message happens due to wrong configuration on SMICM. You will also notice the message “HTTPIO_PLG_CANCELED” when testing connection in ADS RFC.

  • Check if the HTTP service exist in SMICM.
  • Check if the HTTP service is active.



This message happens due to an incorrect usage of FP_JOB_OPEN and/or FP_JOB_CLOSE

SAP Note 858325 - Message "Job already started" when you display PDF forms 

FPRUNX110 and FPRUNX102:

An incorrect Output Device was passed to FP runtime, therefore this message. It is expected to pass a Printer or an Output Device associated to a print program. This is an incorrect configuration.



During the Automatic Payment Run you receive in the log the message Insufficient Information for Generating Output (FPRUNX 111). As a result, the payment media is not created.

KBA 2482142  - Error message FPRUNX 111 in the Automatic Payment Program log


FPRUNX113, FPRUNX 115 and FPRUNX300:

In printing scenario printer is not supported. ADS only works with a few range of Device Types and they are listed in SAP Note 685571 - Printing PDF-Based Forms

See more information on SAP Note 1939887 - Supported Output Type and xdc files 



An incorrect address was passed to Adobe Form or FP runtime. Check ADS data with a PDF with additional information.



SAP Note 752912 - Error when determining the data type



The Adobe Form was cached with a specific language, for example DE. When calling the same Adobe Form another language was selected, this caused the error message and failure.

A solution is to renew the Form cache, with a dummy change in the Adobe Form. Or delete the cache data in ADS side.

FP_PDF_TEST_26 – this report deletes cache data in ADS

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  1. FPRUNX050:

    Check Destination service FP_ICF_DATA_<SID> in ADS Java engine NWA.

    Check SMICM http/https service enabled.

    Check ICF services