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Few Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. Use of Ctrl + Shift + V (Extended Paste): In new abap editor, many times you come up a scenario to copy paste some line of codes from another program. You have to copy a line from Program2 first, then paste into Program1. For second code, again you have to copy and then paste. You can use the Ctrl + Shift + V functionality to paste the recently copied lines. So, no need to switch windows unnecessarily. It's really a time saving stuff.
  2. Use of Ctrl + Alt + Num+ ( plus sign in Num keys)  :  to increase(zoom-in) the text size.
  3. Use of Ctrl + Alt + Num- ( minus sign in Num keys) :  to decrease(zoom-out) the text size.
  4. Use of Ctrl + Alt + /  : to restore text size to normal.
  5. Use of Ctrl + U :  The selected text converted into uppercase.
  6. Use of Ctrl + L :  The selected text converted into lowercase.
  7. Use of Ctrl + J   :  The selected text will become capitalize.
  8. Use of Ctrl + K  :  The case of selected text will be swapped.

Note: These keyboard shortcuts can be changed according to your need.

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  1. Former Member

    There is another shortcut key that makes your text "Title Case" that is CTRL+T.

  2. How can these keyboard shortcuts be changed?
    I've tried the zoom shortcuts, and the use of Ctrl+Alt+/ to restore zoom level does not work. The zoom level occasionally goes wild because the mouse wheel in combination with control influences it - which I would also like to disable if possible.

    Edit: OK, I found it (Google is my friend). Click the “Paste” icon in the lower right corner of the editor to bring up the settings window. Nice use of icons, SAP … not!

  3. Use of Ctrl + Alt + /  : to restore text size to normal.

    You have to use the slash sign in Num keys then it works. I just wanna turn off this zoom feature because it is annoyiing.