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There are 2 umasks, - the SAP profile parameter install/umask. Use RZ11 to check this value. - the unix umask setting.

You should use install/umask to influence the permissions of files created from within R/3. This can also be used in conjunction with directory and os umask settings.

note #24869 Files are created with incorrect permissions

All files created from an R/3 system should be created by the <SID>adm account. The permissions of these files are controlled by the profile parameter install/umask (see attached note #68718).

Within R/3, the UNIX level umask for <SID>adm is not used, instead the install/umask value is applied.

When touching a file outside of R/3, the install/unmask is not used, so the <SID>adm umask is used with the Unix global system umask to deliver permissions.

68718  Problems with file authorizations and umask

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