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When you download some file from AL11, each line in the file is cut-off at 512 characters.  I.e. each line in the file has a maximum width of 512 characters.



  • Open a file in AL11
  • In the menu:  List -> Save/Send -> File...
  • This limit of 512 characters is hard coded in the transaction AL11 (report RSWATCH0) and is documented in the note 952766:
  • 952766 - AL11 corrections and improvements



  • With the system release and SP levels of note 1898998, AL11 is further improved so that files can be downloaded without being displayed and can therefore be downloaded without any truncation.
  • As mentioned in the note 1898998 it is not possible to provide this feature as a code correction and is only available with the Support Package level of note 1898998.
    • 1898998 - Improvements in transaction AL11
  • For older system releases the 512 character restriction still exists and there is no workaround for this.
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