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1. Go to the TCode SE24 and enter CL_EXITHANDLER as object type.
2. In 'Display' mode, go to 'Methods' tab.
3. Double click the method 'Get Instance' to display it source code.
4. Set a breakpoint on 'CALL METHOD cl_exithandler=>get_class_name_by_interface'.
5. Then run your transaction.
6. The screen will stop at this method.
7. Check the value of parameter 'EXIT_NAME'. It will show you the BADI for that transaction.


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  1. Unknown User (f49rp6z)

    Good One....

  2. Former Member

  3. Unknown User (s2vhmob)

    hi Anya..

    suppose i want to find BADI's in tcode VA01.

    where do i enter this tcode in your given steps.. 

  4. Unknown User (102wqo3lw)

    thank anya its good way to find BADI,

    Dear Raju,

    Put the programme name for transaction "VA01"

    in SE24.


    Nisar Ahmed 

  5. Former Member

    (thumbs up)Useful article(thumbs up)



  6. Former Member

    Very good info.

    Thanks a lot