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SAP Enhancements → Business Add-in (BADI)

(lightbulb) How do we find the BADI's associate for a transaction using 'Buffer Trace' (SQL Trace)?

→ Start transaction 'ST05' (Performance Analysis).
→ Set flag field "Buffer trace"
(warning) Remark: We need to trace also the buffer calls, because BADI database tables are buffered. (Especially view V_EXT_IMP and V_EXT_ACT)
→ Push the button "Activate Trace". Start transaction in a new GUI session.

→ Go back to the Performance trace session.

→ Push the button "Deactivate Trace".
→ Push the button "Display Trace".
→ The pop-up screen "Set Restrictions for Displaying Trace" appears.
→ Now, filter the trace on Objects:
     → V_EXT_IMP
     → V_EXT_ACT
→ Push button "Multiple selections" button behind field Objects
→ Fill: V_EXT_IMP and V_EXT_ACT

(smile) Here goes the possible list of BADI for the respective transaction

1 Comment

  1. Guest

    anyone knows if this work for the version 6? I used to do it when i worked in 4.7. But with this new version.... I can't find those object (sad)