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SAP provides many demo programs to demonstrate how to use concretely various technologies. Most of them require that first database tables are loaded. Note that there are demos for some other technologies, which do not use Flight Data Application.

How to generate demo data

Some programs need data from demo database tables, that are delivered empty by default. To fill these tables, you have to call these programs:

  • SAPBC_DATA_GENERATOR program for filling SFLIGHT and SBOOK tables
  • SAPBC_DATA_GENERATOR_ALE program for ALE demo programs
  • SFLIGHT_DATA_GEN program for filling STICKET and SNVOICE tables
  • BCALV_GENERATE_ALV_T_T2 program for filling ALV_* tables (a few ALV test programs)

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Technologies for which Flight demo is provided

See also SAP Library - Flight Data Demo - Technologies and Concepts

  • Business Object Repository : SFLIGHT and SBOOK object types
  • BAPI (see there for information about the demos)
  • IDoc/ALE : FLCUSTOMER_* and FLIGHT* message types, SAPBC_FILL_FLCUST_IDOC program
  • ALV (classic and object) : BCALV_* programs
  • Smart Forms : SF_EXAMPLE_* programs and smart forms
  • Adobe Forms : FP_TEST_03 with BCS_EXAMPLE_6 program, FP_TEST_03_TABLE with FP_TEST_03 program
  • Business Communication Services (BCS) : BCS_EXAMPLE_6
  • Simple Transformations : SSTDEMO_* and STRANSDEMO_* programs and transformations
  • XSL Transformations : SXSLTDEMO_* program and transformations
  • SAP Query : you may assign your user to these 2 user groups: /SAPQUERY/QD and BT
  • Archiving : archiving object BC_SFLIGHT (data model BC_BOOK). Sample write programs SBOOKA and SFLIGHTA (and also BC_SFLIGHT_WRI). Sample delete programs SBOOKD and SFLIGHTD (and also BC_SFLIGHT_DEL). Sample read programs SBOOKR, SBOOKR_2, SBOOK_3, and SFLIGHTR (and also BC_SFLIGHT_READ* programs). BC_SFLIGHT_REL reloads data. ONE data object within the archive file includes ONE business object, that is one flight (SFLIGHT) with its corresponding bookings (SBOOK) as well as with its corresponding flight ticket (STICKET) and invoices (SNVOICE) that will be archived via archiving class BC_DEMO. You can create data in the tables to be archived using the reports SAP_BC_DATA_GENERATOR (for SFLIGHT and SBOOK) and SFLIGHT_DATA_GEN (for the data to be archived by the archiving class)
  • Application Logs : SBAL_DEMO_* programs
  • Generic Object Services (GOS) : GOSFLIGHT object type and SGOSTEST* transactions
  • Object Relationship Service : Flight model with transit flights and connecting flights: Role type TRANSIT, CONNECT; Object type for role type SFLIGHT (for TRANSIT and CONNECT); Relationship type FLIGHTCONN, Application table SFLIBREL; Relationship attribute TRANSPASS



  • SAPBC_IBF package contains business objects/BAPIs
  • SAPBC_DATAMODEL package contains Data Model
  • BC_TRAVEL modelling object (SD11 transaction)
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