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SAP first form technology was the SAPscript technology. In release 4.6, SAP introduced Smart Forms, which eased the creation of form output by allowing modeling of logic and output using graphical tools. In release 6.40, SAP introduced Adobe forms, where the graphical editor was much more easy-to-use and had many more functionalities, and output was rendered exactly the same as what was designed in the editor (PDF).

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  1. Unknown User (101atbe6f)


       Actually I'm working on smartforms which displays the print format of Standard PO through transaction ME23n.Under the Header Text their is a Special Conditions Text .In Special Condition text 12 different points are mentioned which printed at the last of the form.But the problem is only 7 points are printed and the page is not overfolw.Can anybody help me to overcome this problem?

    Thanks & Regards,

    sameek mazumder.