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Function Module Test Sequence - By using this option we can test a number of function modules all together where first's output is the Input for the next. 
Many times we have to use BAPIs in our ABAP code or in XI/PI for some interfacing with SAP. In some BAPIs we need to commit work. Until I was not aware of this option I used to write a piece of code and test it. But now we can test it as follows: 
Example: I am using the two BAPIs to test in sequence.

1.                  BAPI_PO_CREATE1 (To Create a standard Purchase Order)
2.                  BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT (To Commit Work) 

BAPI_PO_CREATE1 is used to create Purchase order but even after getting a success message as output we are not able to see the Purchase Order created because the work done by this BAPI is not committed in database. That's why we have to use BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT.
Go to transaction SE37. Go to menu Function Module->Test->Test Sequences as shown:

Give the name of BAPIs BAPI_PO_CREATE1 and BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT and Execute.

The BAPI_PO_CREATE test is opened. Give the Header and Item Data (Header and Item data may vary according to configuration of your system) 

Enter the Values for POHEADER

Click on the icon next to refresh or (Shift + F7) to have a better view to enter the DATA.

Enter the Values for POHEADERX
In POHEADERX you have to put 'X' for the values you entered in POHEADER

Enter the Values for POITEM

Enter the Values for POITEMX

In POITEMX you have to put 'X' for the values you entered in POITEM. 
Execute the function module and check the RETURN table. If you get the success message then only the next BAPI BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT is useful.
So, once you get the success message go back. It will take you to the next function module.

Give the value 'X' for input wait and execute. Work is committed now you can check the Purchase Order created.  

Go to Transaction Me23/Me23n to check Purchase order created.

I hope this information is useful for ABAPers and for XI/PI guys as they need to test BAPIs like this.


  1. Suggestions and comments are always welcome.

  2. Unknown User (we9xfga)

  3. Unknown User (10465m694)

    I have just used this method to test a bapi method. The problem is how to clear the test sequences?

  4. Former Member

    Is it possible to execute both the BAPIs separately in se37 that is first using se37 Create the PO using bapi and just after that in another session through se37 call bapi transaction commit.

    Will this work too?