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A GRMG scenario will not start or stay running correctly



  • Transaction GRMG.  A scenario will not start (Status with Red X)
  • Transaction RZ20 -> SAP CCMS Monitor Templates -> Availability and Performance Overview -> GRMG-Tested Availability
  • For the problem scenario, MTE node 'Run Status/Error Messages' shows error "Reason for scenario failure:HTTP communication results: see log"
  • Highlight this node and click Display Details to view the log
  • Here you will see the reason for the problem with errors like "Line: 1 Column: 1 Reason: unexpected end-of-file"



  • This can sometimes be resolved by deleting the complete GRMG scenario monitor structure in RZ20 with option 4 and after this restart the GRMG scenario again in transaction GRMG
  • If the GRMG monitor still fails with the same errors again then in this case the GRMG scenario XML file is not correct. This is the responsibility of the problem GRMG application, not component area BC-CCM-MON
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