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This document would talk about executing Goods Receipt movement with transaction MIGO for a production order (order category = 10)



Background information:

 A production order can have multiple operations to be performed before yielding any quantity of a material.

(transaction CO03)
Let’s say the production order is created for 10 quantity of a particular material and only 5 are ready to be delivered. In such case once the last operation of the order for those 5 quantities is confirmed, 5 quantities of the material becomes eligible for Goods Receipt.
CO11N is the standard way of confirming a production order. It makes sense to understand that all the operations of the Production order needs to be confirmed for a particular no. of quantity to make it ready for Goods Movement.
With this, it is meant that 5 quantities of that material are ready to be delivered. Now the Goods Movement could be executed for the 5 quantity of that material. Movement type 101 is associated with Goods Receipt Movement.

For the 5 quantities, MIGO transaction can now be executed:

Production order needs to be entered into the order field and the relevant details get fetched from the order into the MIGO screen. However, quantity and associated serial numbers(in case of serialized order)needs to be appropriately entered.

It should be noted that if material is serialized, the serial numbers of the quantities should be entered.
The other transaction to execute goods receipt for order is MB31.

Once the Goods Receipt (GR) is executed successfully, a material document is generated. This can be viewed with transaction MB03.
All the material documents generated for a production order can also be viewed directly from the production order in CO03.

Once the GR is done, the status of the corresponding production order changes to either PDLV (Partially delivered) or DLV (Delivered) based on the no. of quantities delivered.

Another interesting fact could be assignment of serial numbers to the production order. It is entirely dependant on serial number profile attached to the material that determines at what stage the serial number could be assigned to the order.
There could be a possible scenario that serial numbers get assigned to the order when the goods receipt is being done.

ABAP functions to handle the above scenarios

1. Idocs MBGMCR03 / MBGMCR02 / MBGMCR01 are available to execute Goods Movement transaction.
2. BAPI, BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE is available to execute Goods Movement.
3. To add serial numbers to the production order, there is an unreleased FM SERNR_ADD_TO_PP.

Cancellation of Production order confirmation:

It may be required to cancel the confirmation executed in a production order.
Transaction C013 could be used for Production order confirmation cancellation.

Reversal of Goods Receipt Movement

Transaction MBST could be used to reverse the Good Receipt movement type 101 for the production order. The material document to be reversed could be identified from the order via CO03 transaction as has been highlighted in the earlier section.
It could also be done via MIGO transaction by selecting ‘Cancellation’ and ‘Material document’ options in the initial MIGO screen.