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In case of explicit enhancement we can add our enhancements at any place as per our requirement.
Well in our case I don't have any standard program so I am using a Z program & enhancing the code.
Before starting explicit enhancement we have to create:

  •   One enhancement spot.
  •   In enhancement spot we have to implement spot.
  •   All these task to be done under one package.
  •   So I am creating one package in se80 first.

 1.   Right click & create Enhancement Spot.

 2.   Give the name of Enhancement Spot

3.   Now activate the enhancement spot

4.   Right click Enhancement Spots & implement it. 

5.   Activate the implementation, Goto SE38 & place the cursor where enhancement is require.
6. Enter Enhancement implementation name in Enhancement Spot name & Package name.  

  7.   Now enhancement-point will come in your code with Grey Fonts.

8.  Select Enhance


9.   Place the cursor on enhancement-point & create enhancement.

  10.    Give enhancement Implementation name.

11.  Place your code & activate. 

 12.  Now run the program you will find the enhancement.


  1. Unknown User (qrzwaeb)


     How do you do an explicit enhancement in SAP source code without access key.

    Why woule you like to enhance a Y* program . You can directly edit.


  2. Unknown User (t9pv0jw)


    How can we create explicit enhancements in standard program

  3. either copy tha standard program in your own zprogram and change accordingly or ask the Basis guy to provide you access key along with proper specification.

    This is how you can implement explicit enhancement.