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Objective:  I have seen daily there are couple of new thread regarding how to find classic BAdIs for the Particular Transaction. For this I have created a wiki which will provide you the steps to find the classic BAdIs for any Transaction.


Method 1:

Go to Transaction SE24.
Set (soft) external break point at the beginning of the method GET_INSTANCE.

Its importing parameter EXIT_NAME contains the classic BAdI definition name.

Now execute the Transaction, it will automatically stops at the method (except in a few conditions where the break points are ignored, like in update tasks or asynchronous RFC). In debugging mode, display content of variable EXIT_NAME to display the classic BAdI definition name.

Method 2:

Find the Package name and go to the tranaction SE84.
Enter the package name.
Inside the left navaigaiton panel there is one option " Enhancements", then "Business Add-ins", then "Definitions". Enter the package name and execute. You will get the list of classic BAdIs.

By using above two methods you can find any classic BAdI for any Transaction.  So Happy findings.........................

Note : this wiki doesn't apply to New BAdIs (ABAP statements GET BADI and CALL BADI, enhancement spots and implementations of type BAdI)

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  1. Former Member

    But what about the new (kernel based) BAdIs? Is there a fast way like debug (CL_EXITHANDLER) or trace (ST05)? The hint in ("In case you want to find the positions where methods of the new BAdI are called, just set a breakpoint on CALL BADI in the programm or class where you search for BAdI calls") doesn't help if I want to find all BAdIs for the Particular Transaction!

  2. Former Member

    Please change the title to 'How to find BADI"


    Bala Duvvuri

  3. Wrong title in this page :

    How to Find BAPI

    i think the correct one is :

    How to Find BADI

  4. Title has been corrected. I mentionned that it is about classic BAdIs