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Some times it is not directly possible to know which variant is used to execute a report. In that case if a report contains several variants and if one of the variant gives a dump 

 then it  becomes very crucial to know which variant  lead to dump during execution.

To know the variant name (which has caused the dunp) after the dump has been created ,follow the steps bellow -

First need to know the runtime error .

Here the runtime error is CONVT_NO_NUMBER .

Then go to  transaction ST22 (ABAP Runtime Error).


Now hit the Today pushbutton. The list of errors will be populated. Select the error by double clicking .


In this example the error is CONVT_NO_NUMBER.So double click that row to get final long text of that error. 

Now expand the BASIS developer view from the left hand side navigator.

Then select the Directory of Application Tables under*  the *BASIS developer view by double clicking it.

Now in the main area under the Program column VARI (table for Variant storage) will be there , bellow that the report name

 along with the client name will appear and adjacent to that the variant will be there.

Here the variant is VARIANT3.

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