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  • You get a shortdump with the following details (or similar):
    • Runtime Errors         IMPORT_DECOMPRESS_FAILED

    • Exception              CX_SY_COMPRESSION_ERROR

      Information on where terminated    

    • Termination occurred in the ABAP program "SAPLSTXD" - in "READ_TEXTLINES".

      Source Code Extract                                                                               
      Line  SourceCde                                                                                     

    • 105 if rt_header-tdtexttype is initial.              "SAPscript format                          

    • >>>>>   import tline to rt_lines                                                                    

    • 107     from database stxl(tx) 


  • The problem occurs when trying to read a corrupted text from table STXL.  This is usually noticed when performing some application steps, but can also be reproduced by running the function module READ_TEXT with the details of the corrupted text.


  1. Note 125032 provides report RSTXSCNL to delete the corrupted text:
    • 125032 - Search for corrupted texts in cluster table STXL
  2. On occasions this report can produce the same IMPORT_DECOMPRESS_FAILED short dump, and the problem is not resolved.  In that case delete the corrupted text with function module DELETE_TEXT
  3. Enter the following parameters into DELETE_TEXT:
    • CLIENT
    • ID
    • NAME
    • OBJECT
  4. These details (ie. the problem text) can be determined from the short dump.  In the dump, in the 'Chosen variables' section, there is a section called 'Name  READ_TEXT'.  The details are here in the first line after each category, for example:
    • CLIENT
    •      300
    • ID
    •      LTXT
    •      E
    • NAME
    •      000000001000307850 RU02
    • OBJECT
    •      MDTXT
  5. Be aware that when you delete texts like this they are completely gone, but it should not be a problem to delete a corrupt text as it will never be of any use.


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