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Following the below note for more information on the INDX table:

  • 3992 - Purpose of the table INDX

Please notice that:  As described in note 3992, it is actually up to the application in question to provide a report/tool to clean RELID redundant entries. Generally, questions regarding the reorganization of certain entries (RELID) can only be answered by the applications component that stored the data. There has some notes listed in 3992 for some application areas. Unfortunately, there is no note that provides a list of all the delete programs for every application that writes to INDX. You must therefore look at field RELID in order to determine which application(s) write the most to INDX, then use its delete program to clean up the table.

You can also search SAP Note with clean table INDX to find the related Note to clean INDX for the application area. Regarding RELID 'SH', we recommend that you check the following note:

  • 989070 - Cleanup for table INDX(SH)


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