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Expert Guidance on How to Successfully Implement This Brand-New SAP Module!One of the world's leading SAP Sales & Distribution consultants delivers the first comprehensive and practical guide to implementing this new module in the R/3 system. Inside this book you'll get complete information on the ins and outs of the software, including basic functions, sales document flow, invoicing, and how the S&D module interfaces with other modules. This remarkably clear and concise book will show you how to:

  • Get an overview of SAP functions and find out where to access data throughout the system
  • Configure and implement the Sales & Distribution model
  • Learn the differences between sales document types and how they control deliveries and impact other modules
  • Understand the basic functions that make up the sales process, including pricing, output, and credit management
  • Create cross-functional reports using the standard SAP structures
  • Prepare for going 'live' and learn system testing methods

Sales processes and delivery systems are crucial functions in today's businesses and no other Sales & Distribution guide can bring you the same focused, reliable advice that's found inside this first-rate user's guidebook.

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