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You need to increase the spool number range in the system so you can create more spools without reaching a spool overflow



Increasing the spool range is described in the SAP note 48284:

48284 - System can no longer create spool requests



As described in note 48284, you can edit the spool range using transaction SNRO and this must be done in ** client 000 **

The maximum value for the spool range is 2 billion (mentioned in note 1953355 for example).


Some administrators ask about the parameters rspo/spool_id/max_number and rspo/spool_id/loopbreak.  These parameters are not important anymore for increasing the spool range, you only need to follow the steps of note 48284.


You can run report RSPO_SHOW_SPO_NUM (in any client) to check your spool status. 

You also have the monitor in transaction RZ20 -> SAP CCMS Monitor Templates -> Spool System -> System Wide -> SpoolNumbers -> UsedNumbers

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