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 This document explains in detail of creating an interface to transfer data through Idoc's between two SAP systems or between an SAP system and Non-SAP System and vice-versa. 


If there is a requirement of transferring data from SAP system to another system (SAP or Non-SAP) or vice-versa, there should be an interface which does the job for us. If there is no standard interface available then we have to create a customized interface, which can be achieved in two ways. One is through RFC calls and the other is through Idoc's. There is one disadvantage in proceeding with RFC calls, that is we cannot keep track of the processed data and if an error occurs while transferring data we have to define an alternative way of transferring it again. But when we proceed with Idoc's there is a track of all the data that we are sending and we can also know which data is processed and which data is not processed.

1. Scenario between the XML and BAAN file format and Interfacing

Managing Data between XML and BAAN text file format             

2. Mapping an IDOC Schema to an Industry Standard XML Schema

Mapping an IDOC Schema to XML schema