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SAP Knowledge Base Articles ( also called KBA's) are now available to customers and SAP employees to use. They are not specific  or limited to "Business Objects" but SAP products generally.

 Here is a link to a KBA wiki information from Rafael Rhoden:

 Here is an extract from the link:

 A KBA - "Knowledge Base Articles" provide solution for an incident specific and explanation about system behaviour, how to works a tool and how to set some specific customizing to reach the desired behaviour. A KBA is a new alternative to help customer to find relevant information and to solve his doubts.

 A KBA has the concept from KCS - "Knowledge Centred Support". KCS is a methodology and a set of practices and processes that focuses on knowledge as a key asset of the support organization.

 In a KBA you will find an Incident specific solution and How to FAQ documents, no coding corrections and modifications are provided.

In this Wiki we'll discuss KBA's and how they play a role in your company, your day to day SAP experience and how they impact you directly.

How do you find KBA's perform in relation to SAP Notes ? Do you think they help customers, do they help you if you are a customer reading this Wiki?

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