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  • 720 Kernel patch level 402 sap level on the SAP service marketplace is 402
  • Once installed however it shows patch level 401


  • 702 patch level.
  • 401 instead pf patch level 402.


Due to a critical security vulnerability in the SAP message server
 (SAP note 1800603) Potential remote code execution.

SAP development had to replace the current stack kernel 720 with a new
version, PL#402, on service marketplace. Since only the SAP message
server was affected by the vulnerability and in order to minimize risks
of unwanted side-effects, they decided to replace only the SAP message
server within the corresponding archive.

Consequently all other executable files remained unchanged from the previous version, PL#401.
Especially disp+work from patch level 402 still shows it's version as
patch level 401. This is intended and normal behaviour.


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