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  • PDF with big data file can't be generated.
  • PDF with more like 1000 pages should be generated, but ADS returns exception.

ADS has a limitation in number of pages per one document. This depends of a lot of factors, but usually PDF bigger like 1000 pages or with bigger like 1mb XFD.xml file can't be generated.

Please check:
1009567 - Functional differences SAP Interactive Forms/SmartForms         
/6.  Large documents/ 



  • The Adobe Document Services are installed on AS Java 7.20 or higher.
  • The ADS version is 8.20... or higher (for example 820.2009x).

  • Form bundling is enabled.



Solution in this case can be a "stitching" option. ADS can create a lot of small PDFs and stitch them to one big.

  1. First please follow SAP help URL and prepare system for stitching:
    Configuring the System for Large Form Generation by Stitching
  2. Change a logic of PDF generation. This should be change on application site by adding generation loop.

    The application logic is the following:
    Call FP_JOB_OPEN
    Call generated function module
    End loop



Please remember that forms generated in the "loops" should fit to ADS limitation. If some loop will be design to create bigger form like 1000 pages, ADS return error exception.