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A many of times I found people included me who ran away from Smartforms. This document will help any ABAPER to throw their fear from learning smartforms.

One can create and learn Smartform step by step and further explore more on smartforms.

I am going to make below mentioned Smarform step by step.

we will be using MARA, MAKT, MARC and MARD tables for display data on smarforms.



  1. Unknown User (xp3yv63)


     Thankx a lot for such a nice tutorial.

     But when I went to activate SmartForm, its giving me following message.

     I am using ECC6. Kindly help

    Global Definitions"WA_BODY" is not an internal table "OCCURS n" specification is missing.

  2. Hi Krishna,

    Thanks for such  a wonderful lesson, no doubt it helps a lot , if you don't have understanding to SF .

  3. What a pity that the wiki is only made of pictures, impossible to copy/paste the code!