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Within Transaction SOBJ you can maintain the object attribute 'Current Settings'. If you set this flag for a specific object, you can maintain the data of this object within a production client, where no changes are allowed. Current Settings are only working within a client with 'Client role' Production. Within clients with another role the flag 'Current Settings' has no effect. The role of the client can be seen with transaction SCC4 within field 'Client role'.

In production clients normally changes to repository objects are not allowed. Start transaction SCC4, double-click the line with the production client, take a look into frame 'Cross-Client Object Changes'. If one of those options is set, changes to repository objects are not allowed: (1 No changes to cross-client Customizing objects; 2 No changes to Repository objects). Therefore the flag 'Current Settings' needs to be set within your development system. Afterwards transport those settings to your production system.

The amount of objects, which has set the flag 'Current Settings' will be defined by SAP and represents the most commonly used requirements of our customers.

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