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Introduction: This wiki will help to make your first script step by step.


  1. Unknown User (bv5aftv)

    i am fallowing all the steps but script is not showing threw driver program i have printed only text in script

    its displayed thew test print but bot threw program gives error "Form zasi_sript4 language EN is not active
    no errors"

  2. Hi,

    I was following the same steps but could not create the script. Then I came across this blog in which everyrhing is nicely explained. Have a look.

    1. Hi Parth,

      Many thanks for your sharing, it is fabulous!

      I was blocked by a problem that I want to paging the form by items, it means i want every page display the header info and each page display only one item info, how to do that, please advise.

      Looking forward to your reply..

      Thank you very much