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  • Using function module RSPO_L_RETURN_RAW_DATA to return the contents of a large spool (with thousands of pages) dumps with TSV_TNEW_PAGE_ALLOC_FAILED



  • The design has changed from the old non-Unicode systems to the Unicode ECC releases and spools take up more memory.  Now when performing spool actions such as reading or downloading the spool data through FM RSPO_L_RETURN_RAW_DATA much more memory is consumed.  This had to be done in order to make the system Unicode capable.



  1. To download or return the contents of a large spool with thousands of pages you should use the function module RSPO_RETURN_ABAP_SPOOLJOB
  2. With RSPO_RETURN_ABAP_SPOOLJOB you can specify the number of pages to return, using the parameters FIRST_LINE, LAST_LINE and PAGES.  (The spool data is returned in internal table BUFFER)
  3. Use RSPO_RETURN_ABAP_SPOOLJOB to return the contents of a large spool by specifying a page range, using the parameters like this example:
      • RQIDENT             21346
      • FIRST_LINE          1
      • LAST_LINE           1000
      • PAGES                 X
  4. When you set PAGES, then the value of FIRST_LINE and LAST_LINE will be used as page numbers.  So you can define packages with for example 1000 pages, rather than downloading the complete request at once
  5. This way you can setup a loop to read through the page ranges and append the returned spool data to an internal table until you get the complete spool.
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