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What is Message Control ?

Message control is a mechanism in which you can trigger the outputs based on the  certain conditions . As SAP puts it is is "The output or follow up processing of partner-dependent messages is automated via Message Control. The application then calls the Message Control via the specified interfaces."
There can be different forms of output like Workflow, print output , IDOC dispatch for EDI or even the fax. This is normally configured for the transactional data. SD and MM applications use message control for the message output. Message control is also referred as Output control.

Some of the links below have detailed information on the message control .

1. Message control(Output control ) for ALE - What is it and how to configure ?

Message Control for ALE - Explained

2. How to configure the Output for PDF based Forms though ALE ?

Output Control using PDF based forms

3. How to Debug Outbound IDoc Output Control scenarios ?

Configuring Output types for PDF-Based print forms

4. How to Test Outbound Processing from MC ?

This can be used to check the Message Control module,test generation of an outbound IDOC from an existing NAST record. For the output medium 6 (for EDI) , the condition record has to be maintained as messages.

Outbound processing must be stopped when the message status record has been generated to allow the test program to intervene. To do so, you must set the Message Control dispatch time to "1" (output with selection run) in the corresponding condition record in the application. This test program, therefore, is simply used to start a selection run which retrieves the Message Control records and sends them for further outbound processing. The program is report RSNAST00, which is also generally scheduled with dispatch time 1 in live operation.

You can also go to the test program via Choose SAP Menu > Tools > IDoc Interface/ALE > Test >Outbound > Outbound from MC.

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