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  • After a Daylight Savings Time change or Time-zone change, not all data is collected in ST03 anymore. The last day or two is always missing for example.
  • You are also missing data in transaction STAD
  • The Operating System time and the SAP system time (especially in client 000) are not the same. Both the OS and the SAP system time (client 000) must both be correct and the same in order for the ST03 statistics to work correctly


  • Transaction ST03.
  • Expand 'Total'.
  • The latest daily data is a couple of days old


  • First, ensure that your OS time and time-zone is set correctly
  • On the SAP system, check all of the following in client 000:
  • The 'System Time Zone' in transaction STZAC should be the same as your OS time-zone.
  • For USA and Canada, ensure that the note 919538 is implemented correctly. This means you should have the following USA 2007 entry in transaction STZBC (again, client 000):
  • You can use report TZCUSTHELP to check if everything is setup correctly. When you run the report (in client 000) you should see the line "System time zone seems to be correct"
  • When all time-zone settings have been corrected, allow the collector (job SAP_COLLECTOR_FOR_PERFMONITOR) to run for some time in order to collect and total the statistics again. A full run of all collector jobs is 24 hours.
  • Also, SAP_COLLECTOR_FOR_PERFMONITOR should be running every hour in client 000 and with user DDIC (or with a user with the same authorization).
  • Finally, check if the full 24 hours of data for the last complete days are collected:

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