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  • Describe the operation of the niping tool.


  • Niping tool.
  • Network trace.


Generate and evaluate a network trace simultaneously from both hosts. To run a continuous test with the "niping" tool, start the "niping" in theserver mode on the database server by launching the following command line from a command prompt:

          niping -s -I t=0

Then start "niping" in client mode on the application server host:

          niping -c -H <DB_hostname> -L 3600 -D 1000

Previous command sends a packet of 1KB every second to the niping server and then it is received again. The test is repeated 3,600 times (approx.1 hour). If necessary, extend the period by enlarging the number of

repetitions (-L option)

How to interpret the results:

 An interruption can be taken as a sure sign of a network problem. If the test is successfully completed, the minimum, maximum and average runtime of a package is displayed. If the

minimum and average runtime is much lower than the maximum  runtime, this can also be a sign of problems in the network, as it is explained
in SAP note 155147 WinNT: Connection reset by peer

As per note 500235, NIPING tool is located in the binaries directory on

any SAP server. You can fetch the latest version of  NIPING from the SAP

Service Marketplace as described in SAP note 799428 (also note 545784)

or, if it is not possible, you can copy the binary from your server  

binaries directory.

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