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The New ABAP Debugger has a more robust and flexible architecture than the classic ABAP Debugger. The New Debugger runs in a separated session you can see the last screen input.

The New debugger provides :

  • Seven standard desktops, which should cover most of the common working conditions in debugger:
    • Standard : Stepping through the code (Editor, Stack, Quick Watch)
    • Structures
    • Tables
    • Objects
    • Detail displays : Display string, simple fields, etc.
    • Breakpoints/Watchpoints : overview of breakpoints and watchpoints set
    • Diff - Compare Variables
  • Three user-specific desktops, which you can customize and save as your favorite debugger environment.
  • Auto tab within the Variable Display to provide result information for each Step within method chaining
  • Memory Analysis within the Variable Display to provide initial allocated, initial bound, currently allocated and currently bound memories. E.g. Memory Analysis for BOXED components
  • Keys in Table Display Tool to provide overview of Primary key and Seconday key fields, Usage, table access and key behavior when Internal Table Primary key and Secondary Key are defined 
  • ABAP New Debugger Conditional Breakpoints from ABAP release 731
  • ABAP New Debugger Skip Breakpoints from ABAP release 731
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